We truly care about our clients! We’ll do absolutely everything to make sure your needs are met and you are satisfied. Please take a couple minutes to read what our clients have to say about us.
Global/Airways have served as the "Official Domestic Airfreight & International Freight Forwarder" for over 40 shows that I have been associated with over the past 10 years. The entire Global/Airways team is dedicated to delivering the highest levels of customer service to our exhibitors and the quality of their product is excellent! They consistently go beyond the call of duty to satisfy the needs of our exhibitors in every show and in some cases under extremely difficult and time-sensitive situations. We have never received a single complaint about Global/Airways from any of our exhibitors. In fact, we often receive unsolicited letters of commendation for the service that they have provided. I would not hesitate to recommend Global/Airways to any show organizer or exhibitor who is in need of quality transportation services, both domestically and worldwide.

Michael L. Webster, Region Vice President
Ph: 949-494-9838
Fx: 949-497-7295

I have had the opportunity to work with Global/Airways throughout my career. The experience has always been terrific. The staff at Global/Airways has the ability to seamlessly become a part of your team. They are thorough, conscientious and dedicated to serving the customer. Each of Global/Airways' clients are treated as though they were the only customer.

Karen J. Howe, CEM
Conventions & Meetings Management
National Safety Council

I would really like to extend my sincerest appreciation to you and your crew at Global Shipping Alliance. Working with Global is always a pleasure; you truly do make my life so much easier. Your ability to stay on top of the tasks is truly impressive and you always get the job done right. I cannot say it enough, thank you!

Barry Malloy
Colorado Trading & Clothing Company
Ph: 303-226-6039
Fx: 303-393-1203

We use Global/Airways every time we need to ship our samples to the Las Vegas trade shows. Because we manufacture small, fragile items (cufflinks and men's jewelry accessories) we need a company that will make sure our small shipments doesn't get lost in the shuffle as well as a company that will handle our shipment with kid gloves. In the past 5+ years we have used Global/Airways, our shipments have always arrived on time in pristine condition.

In addition to making sure our samples are on time, the staff is extremely customer service oriented, going above and beyond to make sure every special request is accommodated and every detail is perfect.

This company is by far, the best we have experienced for our shipping needs. On a 10 point scale (10 being the highest) they get a 20++.

Mary Ann Paul (President)
Traci Paul (Vice President


I felt the need to let you know that I am extremely grateful to your company for TWENTY years of superb service.

Our company has come a long way from on show in Miami to multiple shows all over the United States and now running large shows in Las Vegas.

All along the way we have trusted you and Global to treat us and our exhibitors with the utmost respect and consideration. Never has a problem arisen that wasn't handled to the customer's satisfaction.

It has truley been a pleasure

Jeff Yunis
Specialty Trade Shows, Inc.
Coconut Grove, Florida

I would like to sincerely thank you and your fine organization for the outstanding service that Global Shipping Alliance has provided to so many of our clients. Obviously, it is a strong reflection upon our organization any time we can refer an additional valuable and cost effective solution to both of our clients; that never fails to deliver!

All of us at CWAG want to wish Global Shipping Alliance the very best of success in the future. You certainly deserve it, as your organization has certainly earned our absolute trust and confidence as well as that of dozens of our largest clients.

Charles Allen
The C.W. Allen Group

Global/Airways consistently provide us with excellent service in meeting all of our trade show shipping needs. Their friendly and reliable staff, go out of their way for us, should we have any questions or last minute shipping changes. This is greatly appreciated, since tear down at the end of trade shows can be so very hectic. It is a relief knowing that Global/Airways is doing everything possible to make shipping a breeze. Having the confidence in their company and in their staff is so very important to us and knowing that all we have to do is make one phone call to them and everything will be arranged is a big relief for our company.

Nadine Laporte
Sales & Marketing Co-Coordinator
Cotton Reel Clothing Company